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“Know your food, know your farmers, and know your kitchen.” That was said by Joel Salatin. He advises us to do three things and learn from it. They are interconnected with each other if you are fun of cooking. But, I like the last part. Knowing your kitchen, makes you to consider remodeling it. Because it is really up to you and you do it because you love your kitchen. Never hesitate in considering remodeling your kitchen. Here are some points why you should do it.


First, because you want your kitchen to look new and vibrant. Maybe you had enough of having old school appliances, cabinets, cupboards, floor, paint, and wallpaper. Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said, “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” I believe if we change the word “day” into “kitchen”, it could happen to you. With new looks of your kitchen, comes new ideas and you feel rejuvenated as you prepare your food.


Second, it can give you more space. Remodeling your kitchen provides you more space. I presume you will be surprise of the available space of the outcome of the changes of your kitchen. Let’s consider the fact that before you have only a few members of your family. Now, additional members came like a newborn baby and some extended of your family or perhaps the kids now became a teenager and an adult. In short, it is right to remodel your kitchen so that the space will be maximized in every person in your house.


Third, it is for safety precautions. Let us not deny the fact that the kitchen is still a dangerous place. It is where most accidents happen. This should be your top reason as you consider your renovation of your kitchen. Put in your mind that still prevention is better than cure. To achieve this, it is better to hire and talk these things to your kitchen designer.


Fourth, it is for your own satisfaction. Maybe, because you want some changes or possibly you want your kitchen to look more attractive to your visitors. By doing this, you are entertaining them and speaking of entertaining, the kitchen is a good place for entertainment. Besides of cooking and eating, meaningful conversation takes place. As part of your renovation, you can consider putting television or some entertainment stuff that you like to add.


Fifth, remodeling your kitchen reflects your lifestyle. It is like as your friend enters the kitchen, they may able to say that, “this is really your signature”. In other words, your kitchen shows who you are as a person. Besides that reason, you don’t like the previous style assuming that you are the new owner of the house and speaking of being a new owner, time will come that you will sell your house. Remodeling your kitchen gives an additional value of your house. In this way, you are attracting your buyers. Also, you do it because you are concerned and adapt the needs of your family.


I just hope now that you are considering remodeling your kitchen. Happy preparing, eating, cooking, and putting some stuff in your kitchen![]